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Director: Tom Sands

Writer: Mick Sands

Producers: Tom Sands, Phil Harris

Cast: Darcie Lincoln (The Bible, Never Let Go), Sandy Batchelor (Rise and Fall of the Krays), Kevin Interdonato (Bad Frank, The Sopranos), Jamie Bacon (The Hoarder, Coronation Street), Femi Houghton (Nina Forever, Into the Mirror)

Plagued by hallucinations, a traumatised young woman seeks out a famous therapist, only to discover he’s seeing things too. An intense and unsettling psychological mystery that forces you to question your perception of reality. 

When 25-year-old New Yorker Mia Hoffman changed her testimony as a state witness and allowed a cop-killer to go free, she was vilified. Left with undiagnosed PTSD, she suffers extreme anxiety, and hallucinations so vivid that she’s no longer sure what’s real and what isn’t.

Rejected by her friends, harassed by the police, and dismissed by the medical profession, a determined Mia forces herself to attend a residential alternative therapy training, led by Franklin Spitz, a British celebrity therapist who specialises in resolving the causes of PTSD.

But something terrible has happened to his wife, and a traumatised Franklin is now hallucinating too. Using increasingly provocative psychological techniques, he probes Mia for the hidden memories underlying her condition. But the goals of therapist and client are wildly divergent - Mia is searching for reality and Franklin is desperately trying to avoid it.

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