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Holly Kane is a 29-year-old experimental psychologist, whose determined research into mind-control techniques is driven by a fear of insanity. In her quest to control her unconscious thoughts, Holly is experimenting with drug-fuelled subliminal programming when two very different men come into her life.


She is swept off her feet by Dennis Macintyre, a handsome 35-year-old who seems to be impulsive and vulnerable but who conceals a background in the security services.


Meanwhile, her career gets a much-needed boost from Marvin Greenslade, a celebrated 73-year-old psychologist who uses his power and influence to facilitate the clinical trials that will legitimise Holly’s experiments. But Marvin hasn’t told Holly the complete truth either.


When Holly steps up her experiments on herself with more sophisticated equipment and more powerful drugs, she descends into paranoia and madness.


To discover the truth about what’s happening to her, Holly must learn to trust something other than her mind.

An obsessive psychologist attempts to reprogramme her subconscious mind, but when her actions become increasingly uncharacteristic she fears her experiment is dangerously out of control.

Genre: Psychological Thriller


Director: Tom Sands

Writer: Mick Sands

Producer: Tom Sands, Phil Harris


  • Kirsty Averton (Our Girl, Hard Sun)

  • Nicky Henson (Syriana, Vera Drake, Eastenders)

  • James Rose (Still Waters Run Deep)

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“THKE is a finely directed and produced movie, with Sands showing he is capable of crafting something that is brooding and suspenseful.”

Infernal Cinema 

‘Father-Son duo Mick and Tom Sands deliver a taut, intelligent thriller that injects the moribund genre with a much needed dose of originality’ 

The Edge


‘It is a taught, brilliantly directed film which soundly announces Tom Sands as a director to watch’ 

Vent Spleen UK 

“For fans of thrillers that really do make you feel like your brain has been hit with a hammer, The Holly Kane Experiment is a film for you.”

Pissed Off Geek


“The film illustrates the horror of how a woman’s vulnerability can be manipulated by a man in a position of power. It is much to the credit of both Mick and Tom Sands that they manage to examine such issues with great sensitivity, particularly whilst a gripping, psychological thriller plays out in front of us. A truly unique film that provokes not only empathy for the fictional characters on-screen, but empathy for the very real victims off-screen as well.”

Paul Thomas Bell


‘An unexpectedly robust and feminist attentiveness to the manipulative tactics employed by men’ 

St. Louis Magazine

“The Holly Kane Experiment” subliminally pushes out the true intention of the plot and turns massively psychosexual. Once true intentions are made light, a thick film of filth just washes over and that’s subtle, yet poignantly subversive”

It’s Bloggin Evil


‘Seductive psychological thriller’ 

Horror Society


‘The film did a great job hooking me in, and had me wanting to see what happened to these characters’ 

Legless Corpse


‘The narrative is one that lends itself very well to the psychological thriller genre and fans of that sort of thing should find a lot to like here’ 

Horror Buzz


‘Keeps you guessing until the final chase’  



‘This is one of those movies that requires your full attention… I loved it’ 

CML Theater Movie Review

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